Mr Umar D Khan

I have been working exclusively in the private sector for twelve years and have performed more than 7000 aesthetic surgical procedures to date. I have built an enviable reputation with both my clients and peers within the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery. I have pioneered the new muscle splitting breast augmentation technique, new ways of doing Abdominoplasty with pioneering findings to make it a simple and easy day case procedure. I have also published pioneering work on Breast Reduction, Breast Uplift that includes its technique as well as markings to reduce postoperative touch up procedures. I have pioneered and published many technique to correct different types of complications arising following breast cosmetic surgery. Most of my work has been published has now been adopted world-wide by cosmetic and aesthetic surgeons in this field. A video explaining the different techniques can be seen on YouTube. I am also a reviewer of many Plastic Surgery Journals in England, United States and other countries around the world.


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