Aesthetic Medicine with Dr Maurizio Berlanda

Photo of Dr Maurizio Berlanda

Dr Berlanda has over 20 years experience in aesthetic plastic surgery and has performed more than 3,500 operations, as well as over 1800 private aesthetic plastic surgery operations under general anaesthesia in major clinics in Milan, Turin, Birmingham and London. Dr. Berlanda joins us as a valuable member of our specialist team at Re-Shape.

Dr Berlanda has extensive experience in General and Reconstructive Breast surgery.  He also earned a Masters Degree in Aesthetics Plastic Surgery from the University of Padua, Italy. He is a member of a number of medical associations as well as the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (EACS), European Academy of Facial Surgery and the French Breast Surgery Association (S.F.C.S).He has had the privilege of learning and working directly with Dr.Illouz, the innovator of liposuction.

Dr Berlanda has published many articles and presented many scientific papers including his experience with Mr Umar D Khan Muscle splitting Technique.

Based in Milan and operating from many distinguished hospitals in Italy, Dr Berlanda is exclusively available at Re-Shape House, West Malling, Kent, and an appointment can be arranged with him at 01732846838.

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